YouTube moves to high definition 1080p

YouTube announced yesterday the imminent availability of true high definition video platform on demand. Starting next week, it will be possible to actually display video in 1080p over 720p. YouTube HD was launched last December with the definition of maximum exposure. The files already submitted to YouTube will automatically re-encoded if the originals are preserved.

While high definition has begun to invade the consumer electronics with an intermediate definition of 1280 x 720 pixels, a growing number of devices now support the "Full HD" in 1920 x 1080 pixels, camcorders screens of computer. YouTube said however that a powerful computer is required, until finally takes Flash’s party hardware decoding videos offered by many graphics cards, as do many software already.

But if the definition of a video is one of the most technical representative for its quality, the flow is equally, however YouTube has left silent on this point, only a sample video to get an idea. A 1080p video, two times better than another set to 720p, played at the same rate of 2 Mbps, and would bring no improvement in quality. Conversely, a rate doubled to 4 Mbps limit their viewing to a portion of Internet users have enough bandwidth. Video on demand requires a compromise. Meanwhile the democratization of Internet access via fiber optics, Blu-ray and 25 Mbps is still beautiful days ahead.


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