Microsoft Is Expressing Brand Passion With Windows 7

Microsoft Advertising has unveiled two new exclusive branding opportunities
available on Windows 7.

Microsoft is enabling global marketers to utilize the desktop or Internet
browsing experience exclusively for their brand, with Windows Theme Experience
and Windows Personalization Gallery. The announcement was made at the Monaco
Media Forum in Monte Carlo.

Both of these Windows 7 theme experiences are being tested by a handful of
brands as part of a pilot program that runs until October 2010. The themes allow
new consumer engagement opportunities across Microsoft’s unique product
portfolio and let consumers connect with their favorite brands outside of
traditional online advertising. The themes are opt in for consumers, who have
the choice to download the branded themes they are most passionate about.

The global advertisers already on board include Ducati, Infiniti, Porsche and
Twentieth Century Fox. In addition to these global brands’ themes, there are
seven Microsoft themes: two for Xbox "Gears of War"; three for Zune: Characters,
Elements and Zodiac; and Bing’s Best and Lugares Coloridos.

Windows Theme Experience

Windows Theme Experience is a robust sponsorship opportunity that offers
engagement beyond the desktop with a combination of elements including Internet
Explorer 8 add-ons, Windows 7 and Windows Vista Web-connected gadgets, Windows 7
backgrounds and borders, and operating system audio elements making up the
offer. In addition, brands will be able to maximize their presence on Microsoft
properties worldwide, including MSN and Windows Live, and have the potential for
inclusion in Windows Galleries and the new desktop gadgets and add-ons that will
ultimately drive consumers to a sponsor’s dedicated download page. These new
themes are intended for a brand’s most passionate fans and allow for a deeper
engagement by letting consumers embed their favorite brand into their PC

Windows Personalization Gallery

The Windows Personalization Gallery offers a desktop branding experience for
users throughout the operation of their Windows 7-based PC including
backgrounds, slide shows, borders and application audio elements.

"The new Windows Theme Experience and Windows Personalization Gallery in
Windows 7 allow consumers to customize their technology to reflect the things in
life they are most passionate about," said Darren Huston, corporate vice
president of the Consumer & Online organization at Microsoft. "These are
great examples of Microsoft innovation and technology coming together to
enable top global brands to reach audiences in new and interesting ways."

"Microsoft is a key partner in our global advertising strategy; they
constantly provide new ideas and opportunities which are tailored to our brand
and exciting for our customers," said Jon Brancheau, director, Global Infiniti
Marketing. "At Infiniti, our vehicles are a personal expression of the driver,
much like computer personalization is an expression of its user. The Windows
Personalization Gallery and Windows Theme Experience are unique offerings that
will provide Infiniti with a new set of tools to integrate our brand elements
into the lives of consumers everywhere."

"People connect emotionally with films and the stories they tell," said
Bettina Sherick, vice president, Digital Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox
International. "These are the same people who personalize their digital
experience. We are thrilled to be able to bring our film properties to consumers
and let them engage more deeply with the stories that move them."

"We pride ourselves on innovation and groundbreaking technology at Porsche,
as well as customer service where we strive to listen to our clients," said
Scott Baker, advertising manager for Porsche Cars of North America. "That’s why
we are excited to partner with Microsoft, a company known for constantly
providing new ideas and opportunities for its customers. We know that to engage
with consumers, you have to integrate with their lives. The Windows
Personalization Gallery and Windows Theme Experience do exactly that."

"We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and developing the most
innovative, accessible and relevant products based on their feedback," said John
Nicol, general manager, Last Mile Innovation, Microsoft Consumer & Online.
"Windows 7 is your PC simplified, and the personalization options are a unique
and valuable experience for consumers. We know that traditionally 50 percent of
PC installations are personalized. For brands that are
looking to engage on a deeper level with their consumers, personalization is one
of the most effective and well-received methods of increasing brand awareness."


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