Super Talent Launches 450X, 533X, and 600X CompactFlash Card

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage
solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced new 450X, 533X, and
600X high speed CompactFlash® media cards which achieve read/write
speeds up to 90MB/sec. The new high speed CF cards are offered in four
different capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

CF is one of the
world’s most popular digital mass-storage card formats and is widely
used on DSLR cameras as well as in embedded computing. Super Talent
designed these high speed CF cards especially for the demanding
requirements of performance oriented photographers. The cards use MLC
NAND Flash as the medium which works silently, lasts longer and is
lightning fast. The 600X cards reach transfer speeds up to 90MB/sec
which accommodate the high read/write requirements of premium DSLR

Measuring 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3mm, the high speed CF card
has the exact same size as slower speed CF cards. It is compliant with
the CompactFlash 4.1 standard. With the same physical dimensions, it is
also plug-and-play requiring no drivers. These products will be
available in mid November from Super Talent resellers worldwide.

8G to 64GB 450X CompactFlash Cards

  • CF/8G-450X
  • CF/16-450X
  • CF/32-450X
  • CF/64-450X

8G to 64GB 533X CompactFlash Card

  • CF/8G-533X
  • CF/16-533X
  • CF/32-533X
  • CF/64-533X

8G to 64GB 600X CompactFlash Card

  • CF/8G-600X
  • CF/16-600X
  • CF/32-600X
  • CF/64-600X



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