Apple Introduces New iMac

Apple on Tuesday introduced its new iMac, the latest version of the consumer desktop computer that restored the company’s fortunes as a force in personal computing.

The latest model, unveiled by Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, at the Apple Expo in Paris, upgrades the iMac line to feature faster G5 processors currently used in Apple’s top-end Power Macs.

“It’s a much faster architecture,” said Schiller as he presented the new iMac, an all-in-one unit resembling a flat-panel monitor but with a processor and other components stashed behind the screen. CDs or DVDs load vertically into the side of the panel.”A lot of people are going to be asking where did the computer go?” Schiller said, joking: “It’s around here somewhere and I just can’t find it.”

The announcement ended days of fevered speculation about the launch, postponed from earlier this year because of inadequate supplies of the G5 processors made by IBM.Schiller said the iMac would begin shipping in mid-September. Priced at US$1,299 in the United States, or about euro1,400 in Europe including sales tax. The basic 17-inch model features 1.6 gigahertz with 256 megagytes of RAM and an 80GB hard drive.

News source: Forbes


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