Xbox Live bans are not reversed

Bans that have been put on Xbox Live are canot be reversed. Once access is denied
to Xbox Live, this is not reversed. That Microsoft published last

Many people who have
converted their Xbox 360. A converted version is used for playing games which are downloaded and backed up by another Xbox 360 or pirated . The converted consoles by Microsoft, however, were banned
from the Xbox Live network
. Many people had high hopes that the exile would
still be undone, but that last hope is now shot through Microsoft.

only way to actually back on to Xbox Live is by means of a new profile on a new
Xbox. So people will have to buy a new Xbox. Transferring the gaming profile is
also not possible. Microsoft
wants in this way to warn users that they just do not convert to their
Xbox and use orignal games.The converted machine still works offline. Playing games
is still just possible, but online gaming is no longer an option.


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