Global IT Networks India exceeds expectations

Global IT Networks Ltd, UK based company that has recently started their Indian operation exceeds the initial expectations and has generated sales revenue of Rs 2 Cr. Global IT Networks, (India Operation) attributes its success to taking calculated efforts in acquiring key accounts from major European countries like Netherlands, Germany and the US as well. Global IT Networks started its operations in Pune (Oxford of East) in the May 2009 and has already crossed Rs 2 Cr in sales revenue. Pune today is fast emerging as an InfoTech hub, and making its presence felt to biggies like Bangalore and Mumbai to emerge as one of the top contenders for the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Pune is also home to well known IT giants like Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Tata Technologies, TCS, Kanbay, Veritas, Cognizant, PCS and Tech Mahindra’s British Telecom.

Global IT Networks founded in 2002 in UK with a mission of supplying quality hardware of Cisco, Juniper, and Nortel to IT and Telecom companies. As a part their global expansion, GIN has started its operation in India and Russia. By creating a talent pool from India, as a next step they are planning to offer various services like Remote infrastructure management, Annual Maintenance contracts, Data center design consultancy etc. GIN has Cisco certified resources with extensive experience in designing, installations and implementing complex solutions. Global IT Networks has proven track record of supplying quality hardware of around 1400 customers from UK and other European region.

According to Serge (Director -UK), "I am amazed by the resourcefulness, integrity and dynamism shown by our Indian team. We already have base of around 1400 customers from UK and other European countries. As a next action plan, we are going to utilize talent pool from India to serve those customers. Till date our major business was selling all kinds of networking equipments, but now we have also decided to enter into other services offering. We have decided to keep target around Rs 25 Cr and confident that we will achieve it. We are successful in getting very good partners for the same."

While explaining their strategic growth plan in depth, Indian operation Director Umesh Kulkarni proudly mentioned that team work is the key to our success. Other team members including Pravin, Sanket, and Vinayak helped a lot in generating leads and converting leads into clients. The visits by Serge and Paul from UK always proved beneficial and motivating to our Indian team members. Their inputs help a lot in achieving the desired results in such a small time span. Next quarter apart from generating sales revenue, our major target is developing business processes for smooth and streamlined operations.


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