AMD introduces bobcat & bulldozer, 2 new x86 architectures

has unveiled its new roadmap 2010-2011 signing the arrival of two new
architectures: Bulldozer for high-end PCs and servers, and Bobcat for
ultraportables energy efficient.

we know that this architecture will fill existing gaps in AMD compared to Intel Core i7 especially in multi-threaded performance. Study the diagram tells us that the Bulldozer core will consist of two clusters for the calculation of integers each with their own L1 cache to be shared with the FP unit. Within each core, we note the presence of 4 pipelines, probably for half the ALU and one for memory operations. It is a smaller value compared with the single-core version of Phenom II, knowing that the management of L3 cache is completely similar to what we knew about Phenom. One core will be seen Bulldozer "duplicated" by the operating system, thereby incorporating the principles of the Intel Hyper Threading.

As for the platform Bobcat, we know already that energy consumption will be less than 1 watt at least the light of the TDP, mean that the top models consume around 10 watts. Values too low for consumer notebooks: Bobcat is clearly intended market of netbooks / ultraportables as shown on the slides. This future competitor of Intel Atom will carry the instructions SSE1-3, hard to bear in virtualization, and will probably be etched in a fine of 28 nm.

In all cases, it will wait until 2011 to see these new architectures appear. Wait and see …


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