GL Introduces Fax, Modem, and Voice Testing Solutions

GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of an enhanced portfolio of its Fax, Modem, and Voice Testing solutions. In a statement released to the press Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, "GL’s s voice, fax, and modem testing portfolio of solutions has been enhanced with an inclusion of T1 E1 Call Capture and Analysis, 2 Wire voice data/recorder, and PacketScan applications".

He added, "T1/E1 Call Capture & Analysis application non-intrusively records Voice/Fax/Modem traffic directly from T1/E1 lines and 2-Wire Voice/Data Recorder application used in conjunction with Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (Dual UTA) hardware device captures the voice/fax/modem data manually / automatically from the 2-wire Analog interfaces. And the application PacketScan™ supports capturing and decoding of Fax (T.38 data) calls over VoIP. PacketScan™ fax decodes can be viewed in the form of T.38 call graph and call summary with decoded information for all T.38 messages received on the call. The captured fax calls by PacketScan™ can also be analyzed using the application GLInsight™ by saving the fax calls directly in (*.PCAP) Ethereal file format".

Mr. Kulkarni further added, "To successfully deploy voice, fax, and modem services requires extensive network design, test and traffic engineering. Test equipment can prove valuable in this process, if it can:

    * Generate and receive voice, fax, and modem signals in bulk over wired and wireless networks,
    * Monitor and distinguish voice, fax, and modem signals in real time for traffic engineering and network design purposes,
    * Analyze voice, fax, and modem signals after capture for troubleshooting failed or poorly handled calls".


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