Mobile Marketing Association Announces Premium Membership Tier

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( today launched an exclusive membership tier, Premier Members, for companies that have demonstrated substantial leadership in the mobile marketing industry. The MMA also announced that Microsoft is the inaugural Premier Member, reflecting its commitment to both the association and the mobile marketing industry.


Available to a very limited number of companies of any size, Premier Memberships benefit all MMA members and the mobile marketing ecosystem as a whole by providing companies with unique leadership opportunities such as accelerating innovation, removing critical industry blockers and expanding industry awareness of the benefits of mobile advertising. Premier Membership benefits include global and regional board seats as well as sponsorship of MMA events.

To maintain fairness and balance within the association, the MMA will ensure that Premier Memberships reflect the broadest possible cross-section of the industry, with no single region or company type dominating this tier. Although they enjoy additional leadership opportunities within the MMA, Premium Members have no special rights that compromise the interests of other tiered members.

"Microsoft is a perfect example of the type of industry leadership and commitment that Premier Memberships were created to acknowledge and expand," said Mike Wehrs, President and CEO of the MMA. "Their innovation and broad capability of support for the industry provide all MMA members with exciting new opportunities to advance mobile marketing."

"As mobile advertising has grown in significance, the time is now for carriers, OEMs, publishers and advertisers to join forces to capitalize on that growth," said Charles Johnson, General Manager, Microsoft Mobile Advertising. "We are eager to roll up our sleeves and work together with the team at the MMA to deliver innovative advertising solutions that deliver engaging and entertaining experiences for both consumers and advertisers."


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