Microsoft Selects Advanced Telemetry’s ‘EcoView’ Energy Efficiency System to Showcase Real-World Benefits of the Windows Azure

Advanced Telemetry’s ‘EcoView’ energy management solution among a select group of best-of-breed applications chosen by Microsoft to demonstrate quantifiable benefits of the Windows Azure(TM) platform.

Advanced Telemetry, developer of the EcoView(TM) smart energy and resource efficiency system, today announced it has been selected by Microsoft® to illustrate representative benefits of the Windows Azure(TM) platform in a real-world energy conservation application. Microsoft’s Windows Azure team chose Advanced Telemetry among its select case study group to demonstrate how industry-leading companies utilizing the technology are realizing a myriad of benefits around agility, efficiency, focus and simplicity.

Among other benefits, Microsoft’s EcoView-specific Windows Azure platform case study reveals how, since migrating over to the cloud-based application platform, Advanced Telemetry has realized increased system efficiencies, ease-of-use, data analysis capabilities, quantifiable business cost reductions, competitive advantages, and new revenue generation opportunities. It also details how Windows Azure is providing better, more scalable support for Advanced Telemetry’s sustained growth.

"We’re honored the Windows Azure Team selected us to be part of its coveted case study group," said Gus Ezcurra, CEO of Advanced Telemetry. "As the industry’s most effective and economical energy efficiency solution for small to mid-size businesses, and with our value proposition and business model well proven, Microsoft’s investment of its own time and resources to outline and promote our technology-driven successes is yet more welcome validation."

"With the Windows Azure platform, we’re focused on delivering a cloud services platform that provides partners like Advanced Telemetry with the ability to build and manage highly scalable Web applications and services like the EcoView," said Doug Hauger, general manager of Windows Azure at Microsoft Corp. "By utilizing the Windows Azure platform, this real-world energy conservation application is able to improve efficiencies and easily scale to meet demand."

"Rapidly escalating demand for our EcoView solution fueled our need for an easy and cost-effective way to ramp up our computing architecture without having to purchase and manage a lot of extra hardware, invest in training and suffer through an extended learning curve," notes Tom Naylor, Advanced Telemetry’s CTO. "Moving our hosted Web application and data storage to the Windows Azure platform not only enhanced our system’s functionality and scalability, but also allowed our developers to use existing programming skills and experience with Microsoft development tools, furthering our cost savings and minimizing opportunity loss."

"We considered competing cloud services providers, but felt that Microsoft was the best bet," continues Naylor. "It’s a big move putting our systems and data in someone else’s hands, but Microsoft has proven dependable. Indeed, with Windows Azure, our company has quickly achieved what, even just a year ago, would have taken more people, more money, and a lot more time, and we can also rest assured the platform will continue to be supported and enhanced by Microsoft over the long term."


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