Infosys Helps Volantis Achieve Significant Cost Savings with Windows Azure

Infosys Technologies Limited announced that it has successfully integrated Volantis Systems
service with Windows Azure resulting in significant performance
improvements and cost savings. The Windows Azure platform provides an
operating system, data storage, and a set of developer services for
creating a range of flexible, cost-effective solutions via the cloud.

Volantis, whose solutions help solve the complexity of delivering
the true mobile Internet to thousands of unique devices, looked to
Infosys to implement Windows Azure in order to increase scalability for
its service. is free-to-use and allows small
businesses and consumers to quickly create personalized mobile Internet
sites, without having to write a line of code. The integration of with Windows Azure ensures a seamless user experience for
those accessing Ubik®, supported by an integrated Volantis device
database containing information on more than 6,700 mobile handsets.
Within just four weeks, Volantis and Infosys were able to create a set
of Web services running on Windows Azure that resulted in significant
cost savings.

"Infosys worked closely with Volantis to integrate our system with
Windows Azure," said Mark Watson, CEO, Volantis. "We want our customers
to have the seamless scalability that is available only through the
cloud. Infosys was able to quickly and effectively implement our
solution on top of Windows Azure. Without Infosys, Volantis may well
have had to purchase, deploy and manage new storage infrastructure so
this initiative has delivered significant savings".

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Infosys has worked closely
with the Windows creator over the past eight years to accelerate
customers’ competitive business impact through legacy modernization,
infrastructure optimization, enterprise collaboration and other
services. By delivering Microsoft Corp.’s solutions with speed and
predictability, Infosys was a natural choice for Volantis when
considering its move to Windows Azure.

As part of Infosys’ alliance with Microsoft, the two technology
leaders have been offering cloud-based solutions and services for
Windows Azure for the past two years. Infosys recently opened a Cloud
Center of Excellence (COE) that enables enterprise and ISV customers
around the world to adopt cloud-based IT capabilities through strategic
consulting, application development and migration, as well as through
systems management, integration and monitoring services on the Windows
Azure platform.

"With Windows Azure, we’re focused on delivering a services platform
that provides partners like Infosys with the ability to build and
manage highly scalable Web applications and services," said Amitabh
Srivastava, senior vice president of Windows Azure at Microsoft Corp.
"Infosys was able to help Volantis migrate to Windows Azure in just
four weeks which is a prime example of how Windows Azure can provide
cost savings."

"Over the past two years, Infosys has worked closely with Microsoft
to help customers quickly and easily take advantage of the
cost-savings, efficiencies and ease-of-management associated with this
next-generation computing model," says Subu Goparaju, Vice President
and Head, Software Engineering and Technology Labs (SETLabs), Infosys.
"A usage-based platform enables Infosys to deliver solutions on a
transaction-based pricing model to our customers to increase efficiency
on a global scale."


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