CITYTECH New Web Application to Securely Manage Confidential Medical Records

A new Apache Wicket-based web
application, Cutaneous Lymphoma Tracker, increases efficiency in
securely managing confidential patient medical records.

Cutaneous Lymphoma Tracker, a new custom web application developed by Jeff Schwartz
of CITYTECH Inc., debuted last month in Chicago.  Known as CL Tracker,
the application securely manages confidential patient data from the
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF) Department of
Dermatology’s Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) Clinic.  Cutaneous
Lymhoma is a general term that refers to various blood cancers that
present themselves in the skin.

CL Tracker is an intuitive software product which requires very
little training to administer and use.  It securely maintains
historical records of pathologies, labs, treatments, treatment
responses and other medical information of cutaneous lymphoma
patients.  The CL Tracker enhances NMFF’s electronic medical records
(EMR) system with the capacity to include cutaneous lymphoma-specific
data that was unavailable in the database system it replaces.

CL Tracker is built using the Apache Wicket web framework running on the Red Hat JBoss
Application Server.  It is deployed using VMWare to NMFF’s existing
VMWare virtualization farm.  This architecture supports lower
deployment costs and minimal future maintenance.

"CL Tracker provides a complete picture of results with prior
therapies, genetic, molecular, pathology and blood results.  All this
information is crucial to make sound decisions about new therapies,
tests to be ordered and overall patient management," says Dr. Joan
Guitart, Director of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic, Northwestern
Medical Faculty Foundation.

Senior CITYTECH consultant Jeff Schwartz, who developed this
application, is familiar with the unique aspects of the disease since
he was diagnosed with Mycosis Fungoides (MF), a form of cutaneous
lymphoma, in April 2007.  "Upon my initial diagnosis with MF, I was
devastated.  However, as I became more educatied, I learned to cope. 
Part of my coping strategy is to use my business and technical
knowledge, especially that of Enterprise Java, and apply it in a way to
help doctors find a cure."

"We are happy to see CL Tracker being used as a decision support
system for managing Cutaneous Lymphome patients.  This is yet another
example of a CITYTECH consultant delivering a successful system fueled
by their passion for both the business case and technology.  A special
thanks goes to Jeff Schwartz for creating and fulfilling his vision for
a centralized system to help with the ongoing research on cuntaneous
lymphoma," says Matt Van Bergen, CTO of CITYTECH. 

CITYTECH Inc. is a Chicago-based IT consultancy with extensive Java expertise and experience using Java to develop practical solutions for the medical field.


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