Jigsaw Delivers Data as a Service to 75 Salesforce CRM Customers

At Dreamforce today, Jigsaw, the leader in data as a service (DaaS),
announced that more than 75 companies have adopted Jigsaw Data Fusion, the
company’s cloud-based, automated system for acquiring and managing sales
prospect records. Over 40 percent of those customers are automatically sharing
back contact data from their own CRM systems. Jigsaw, a crowd-sourced directory
of 17 million B2B contacts, was built on the contributions of over a million
individual members, and now for the first time enterprises are contributing

Jigsaw Data Fusion transforms the way companies acquire and manage their
prospect and customer records in the same way the subscription-based
software-as-a-service model transformed the way companies buy and use software.
Jigsaw Data Fusion connects with a customers’ Salesforce CRM and automatically
matches and updates records daily. It provides a dashboard to monitor all data
hygiene and record acquisition activity, and provides an option to accept or
reject any specific updates.

Jigsaw Data Fusion was launched in April 2009 and has quickly gained traction
by solving the problem that an average of 80% of records in most CRM systems are
incorrect or incomplete, and have become a handicap for prospecting and driving
sales. Seventy five Salesforce CRM customers have signed on for the service and
are enjoying increased sales and better returns on their database-driven
marketing programs.

"Ten years ago, every organization with a CRM solution was essentially in the
business of procuring and managing software to run it," said Jigsaw CEO Jim
Fowler. "Now, the entire data layer is moving to an automated cloud-based
management model, and I salute our early customers who are the real leaders of
this transformation."


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