StarCraft II Content Drop

Blizzard have just uploaded new intel to the StarCraft II website.
This latest transmission sheds new light on the goings-on in the
Koprulu sector and highlights key persons of interest associated with
recent anti-Dominion activity. In particular, this content drop

  • Short Story: Changeling
    – Just because the years following the Brood War have so far been
    relatively uneventful, that doesn’t mean it’s safe out there in the
    cold vastness of space. Zeta Squad is about to find this out, the hard
  • Singleplayer Storytelling – Discover the ways in which StarCraft II will expand the storytelling techniques of previous Blizzard titles, in this article.
  • Multiplayer Mapmaking
    – Ever wonder what design considerations and decisions go into the many
    multiplayer maps of StarCraft II? Check out this article to learn more!
  • Character Biographies: Tychus, Zeratul, Raynor
    – The character biographies for Raynor and Zeratul have been updated
    with new art and additional info, and you can now also read up on
    Tychus Findlay, one of Jim Raynor’s old comrade-in-arms.
  • New Art and Screenshots – Check out more than 20 new screenshots and pieces of concept artwork!

We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks… check out all the new info now!


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