Epson Releases NS-8010 Series of Compact IC Test Handlers

Epson Corporation
today announced the release of the new NS-8010 series of IC test
handlers. Shipments are scheduled to commence in late November.The
new NS-8010 series was developed to help customers reduce testing costs
with a selection of compact, low-price models, extending Epson’s
NS-8000 series of high-speed, high-accuracy IC test handlers.

Product features

  • Low-price series helps reduce testing costs
    • Low price achieved by developing new dedicated unit for room temperature tests
    • Lineup includes four models, from room temperature units to high temperature units
  • Small footprint
    • Saves factory floor space with a width of only 1,400 mm
    • Takes up 18% less space than Epson’s previous model
  • Enables utilization of existing assets
    • Compatible with changeover kits for the NS-6000 and NS-8000 series

Main specifications

  • Parallel test sites : 2 sites, 4 sites
  • Test temperature : Room temperature, high temperature
  • Throughput : Up to 8,000 units per hour
  • Tray classification : 3 classes


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