Citrix Netscaler Gives Customers Unprecedented Licensing Flexibility

Simple, On-Demand Pricing Model Provides Investment Protection and Avoids Costly Hardware Upgrades

  Citrix Systems, Inc.
announced the groundbreaking new “Pay-as-You-Grow” pricing for its
Citrix® NetScaler® line of application acceleration, load balancing and
web security appliances. Most networking systems require expensive
hardware replacements to expand capacity and functionality, which often
forces customers to over provision and pay for more than they need at
any given time. The new Pay-as-You-Grow pricing from Citrix breaks this
dependency, enabling customers to buy only what they need today,
knowing they can easily scale up their network as demand grows with a
simple software license upgrade. The flexible pricing applies to both
high-performance NetScaler® MPX™ hardware appliances as well as the new
software-based NetScaler VPX™ virtual appliances. Instead of making
purchase decisions based on unreliable traffic growth projections,
NetScaler customers can now purchase a networking solution that meets
near-term performance and capacity requirements, with the confidence
that they can easily and quickly scale in the future without costly
hardware replacements. The new licensing flexibility makes NetScaler an
ideal complement to server virtualization, enabling customers to scale
overall datacenter capacity in the most efficient way possible.

This same reliability upon scaling infrastructure applies in the enterprise, where traffic demands fluctuate continuously.

“Forecasting datacenter capacity requirements is a tricky proposition
for any large company, especially as enterprise networking needs become
more dynamic,” said Zeeshan Sabir, director of information technology
at Qualcomm Incorporated. “Citrix NetScaler Pay-as-You-Grow pricing
offers some compelling new cost efficiencies that can help simplify the
hardware provisioning process.”

“With IT budget growth remaining constrained in the face of
macroeconomic uncertainty, any development that will provide greater
investment protection is welcomed by customers,” said Cindy Borovick,
IDC. “Unlocking networking performance with a license upgrade takes a
benefit once reserved for software products, and applies it to a
strategic portion of the networking market.”

In addition to providing investment protection for enterprise
customers, NetScaler Pay-as-You-Grow pricing is particularly well
suited to cloud computing environments. It enables cloud providers to
quickly and affordably expand their infrastructure as performance and
capacity requirements dictate, without incurring the heavy fixed costs
and service interruptions of hardware upgrades. The unique combination
of high-performance Citrix NetScaler MPX hardware appliances and
software-based NetScaler VPX virtual appliances enables cloud providers
to build a highly flexible infrastructure that can meet the application
delivery needs of a single cloud tenant while maximizing the
performance and scalability of the entire infrastructure.  

“Enterprise cloud deployments require solutions that align to both the
financial and technology priorities of the CIO. As a result, we have
engineered infrastructure management and hosting services that align
with these economics and is a strategic reason why many enterprises and
government agencies have chosen Carpathia Hosting,” said Jon Greaves,
chief technology officer at Carpathia Hosting.  “With Citrix NetScaler
Pay-as-You-Grow, our customers can take advantage of Citrix investment
protection as we offer elastic scaling of our complex application and
network managed services with an on-demand, simple license upgrade. It
is one of the key reasons why we chose Citrix NetScaler over other

“The benefits of the NetScaler Pay-as-You-Grow pricing model are
especially resonant in today’s challenging economic environment where
investment protection is essential in managing tight IT budgets,” said
Klaus Oestermann, group vice president and general manager of the
NetScaler Product Group at Citrix. “The flexibility and seamless
scalability with this adaptable licensing fundamentally changes how
companies plan for network capacity and purchase application networking


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