Motorola Sets Up Wi-Fi network For the City of Alovera in Spain

The Enterprise Mobility Solution Sector of Motorola Inc. today announced the installation of a wireless network for data transmissions and internet access in the City of Alovera
in the Spanish province of Guadalajara. The new network will provide
internet to inhabitants and local authorities for the urban centre as
well as the outlying housing estates.

authorities in Alovera awarded the deployment to Motorola partner
Nostracom Telecomunicaciones which is based in Granada. The Alovera
project consists of the deployment of a municipal Wi-Fi network with 42
access points. The discreet, state-of-the-art wireless mesh network
offers improved technological features and blends into its environment
preventing it from becoming an eyesore and minimizing the visual impact
on the municipal landscape.

network will provide fixed or mobile broadband connectivity, VOIP,
video surveillance or hot zone Wi-Fi, as well as service mobility,”
said Antonio Tejada, director general of Nostracom Telecomunicaciones.
“This project will improve Internet access and will provide all the
inhabitants and companies of Alovera with enhanced communications,
wherever they are located.”

Motorola will provide the wireless technology for this project, using its “Motorola Motomesh Duo”
network architecture. “The reduced size and improved features of our
technology provide high quality Internet access for the people of
Alovera as well as enhanced municipal services,” said Massimo Gotti,
director for Wireless Broadband, Enterprise Mobility Solutions,
Motorola, EMEA.

wireless mesh network will support internet traffic and facilitate
access as well as redundancy or scalability, offering wider coverage
than other similar networks. It will also offer remote management from
anywhere in the world. To achieve this, a traffic shaper system will be
used to optimize the use of the network.  

new Wi-Fi zones will be distributed in squares, parks and other areas
of commercial and tourist interest. This project will put Alovera on
the map in technology terms, especially where Wi-Fi is concerned for
urban and residential coverage.

are very proud to be on a level with Barcelona in this field,” said
David Atienza, Mayor of Alovera “We are working hard to meet the needs
of the young people in this community, as they are the one’s who will
use the technology the most even though everybody will of course


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