Optimal Internet Launch Cutting Edge Multi Posting Technology Platform Logic Melon

job multi posting platform to provide a more enhanced and well rounded recruitment technology solution to recruitment agencies and HR departments globally.

Developed as a robust, scalable solution able to deliver an enterprise solution to any recruitment company no matter what their size. The strategic decision to develop this system was taken to ensure Optimal Internet could deliver any aspect of its core product offering on a stand-alone basis, or as a full end-to-end recruitment process software solution.

Logic Melon Technical Director and senior software architect, Nicholas van Esch is the mastermind behind the Logic Melon technology, building the new age multi-poster and applicant tracking system to simplify the advertising process and allow organisations to accurately measure their return on investment (ROI). Furthermore the system will enable companies to better control their costs and fulfil their reporting requirements.

While the focus will be on the needs of large clients these tools will prove equally valuable to smaller organisations through the comprehensive functionality of Logic Melon. The system is built to provide flexibility in both function and integration capability to truly mould to your recruitment business requirements.

Logic Melon allows you to post your jobs out through a single interface quickly and easily ensuring accuracy and speed to market. It carefully tracks your responses through a single interface gathering all your CV’s in one place and allowing you to search a pool of relevant candidates.

Bruce Stander, Group CEO of Optimal Internet commented, This is a major development in our range of services, principally in the ability to deliver a full end to end recruitment software service. Having traditionally been involved in the development in recruitment websites, we felt it made sense to extend our capability to include an in house multi poster which enables our web solutions to easily integrate with a system which can be adapted to the clients needs. Coupled with our Optimal CATS (recruitment software) service which includes integrated workflow solutions, clients can make use of

any component of our service independently or as a full suit of products to get a solution that saves them time and most importantly significant amounts of money. Backed up with Nick’s extensive programming and multi posting knowledge we aim to provide an industry-leading system backed with full support. I believe Logic Melon will be a product driving significant growth within Optimal Internet for many years to come both here in the UK and our offices on a global scale!

With the large number of changes in both the market place and technology, and a greater global footprint for clients, now is a great time to leverage these changes to the benefit of users and clients. The extra intelligence and ease of use built into the product will greatly improve the performance of adverts for clients, and the reporting will allow a more in depth understanding of return on investment (ROI) and performance of staff on other plains such as geography. The flexibility of the product will be a boon to larger clients , mentioned Nicholas van Esch – Technical Director of Logic Melon

Our system is easy to set up, no matter how many users you have, and we can adjust the build to suit your internal recruitment process systems. Speak to our technical team and get the best system set up for your business which will save you time and help you understand where you should be spending your valued advertising budget. As an introduction to Logic Melon we are offering a 10% discount to all agreements signed in 2009!


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