Camino 2.0 updated version web browser for Mac Released by Mozilla

The Camino web browser, targeted at users of Mac OS X, now in version 2.0 is made available for download. Recall that Camino is developed by a group of volunteers from the Mozilla Foundation. Unlike Firefox, Camino comes with better integration within the system. The software is thus based on the programming kit and Apple’s Cocoa programming interface to Aqua. Since Camino is entirely native, this allows for example to communicate with local applications such as Address Book, the manager of passwords Keychain or protocol Hello simplifying network management. Of course it incorporates the Gecko rendering engine of Firefox to version 1.9.0.

In version 2.0, it is now possible to reorder the tabs opened by drag and drop or view all of them with the functionality Tab Overview. The keyboard navigation is fully supported, including the Tab key. Besides with a zoom function for all elements of a web page, the user will observe the integration of the Growl notification system, for example at the end of a download. The software also has a device to filter the display of Flash animations. Finally, note that the browser uses the programming interface of Google Safe Browsing to prevent users against potentially dangerous websites. For more information visit here.

Download Camino 2.0 web browser for Mac OS X


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