GTA:SA coming to the PC in 2005

Rockstar will bring San Andreas to the PC next summer; no Xbox port on the horizon.

Today Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report had PlayStation 2 owners complaining about having to wait an extra week for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, the same report informed PC gamers that they’ll have a whole year to kill before they can play the epic crime game.

Buried at the bottom of Take-Two’s financial report was the following line: “Additional products planned for fiscal 2005 from Rockstar Games include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC in the third quarter.” Take-Two’s fiscal third quarter runs from May 1 to July 31, 2005, so the game should arrive in that time frame.

News source: Gamespot

Submitted by linuxaholic While welcome, news of San Andreas for the PC was not unexpected. PC versions of GTAIII and GTA: Vice City similarly followed suit after several months. Unfortunately for Xbox purists, no mention was made of a version for the Microsoft console.

Japanese fans of the GTA series also got good news, since Take-Two said that “Rockstar also plans to release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Japan in fiscal 2005.”


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