Pantech Wireless, 
the U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Group, one of Korea’s largest
mobile phone manufacturers – will bring “Impact” to AT&T
customers.  The second Pantech handset to hit shelves this holiday
season debuts in two cool colors – bright blue and soft pink – and
delivers a brand new form factor to AT&T’s line of quick messaging
phones.  Impact features a high-gloss faceplate with a haptic response
touchpad, two screens and a full hidden keyboard, along with a host of
the latest social and multimedia options, to make managing your mobile
life startlingly fun.

Responds to the Touch
a world where most phones look identical and feel the same, Impact puts
an end to predictability by providing users an altogether new
experience. From the outside, Impact’s shiny blackout exterior is
surrounded by textured blue or pink detailing.  Each time the touchpad
below the screen is pressed it springs to action, reacting to finger
taps with a soft, tactile buzz. Impact lets users play and control
music, make a call, or send texts without ever having to open the phone.

Flip out
sideways flip open of Impact reveals a full QWERTY keyboard for typing
longer messages, and a range of shortcut keys enabling one-touch access
to IM, text, email, and jumping between apps. Users will also find a
second full-color display screen, perfect for watching video clips,
viewing friends’ profiles, or flipping through pictures. And on either
side of the screen sit speakers, making listening to music, chatting on
speakerphone, or hearing GPS directions easy and loud. Whether browsing
the Web, updating your status with pictures and videos, or playing
games, Impact keeps users close to their social life at every turn.

comes preloaded with AT&T’s new HTML mobile browser and
service, which combines the best of full and fast HTML browsing with
custom features for personalizing favorite bookmarks and local

Impact brings new energy to your mobile life with the following features:

  • Responsive Touchpad – Each time Impact’s slick touchpad exterior is pressed, the phone responds with a gentle buzz.
  • Options on the Outside – Play and control music, send texts, and make calls from Impact’s touchpad without ever having to open the phone.
  • The World Inside – Flip
    Impact open to find a full QWERTY keypad, a large color screen and
    speakers, and also shortcut keys to IM, text, email and multitasking
  • 3G Speeds – The nation’s fastest 3G network makes surfing the Web, checking your newsfeeds, and streaming music and video fast and easy.
  • AGPS – AT&T Navigator provides voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions in real time.
  • Video Recording and Picture Taking – Take and share pics and video clips using multimedia messaging and AT&T Mobile Email.

customers expect the very latest in trendsetting mobile phones from
Pantech, and Impact really delivers,” said Jim Berridge, Director of
Sales and Marketing, Pantech Wireless, Inc.  “By combing everyone’s
favorite social and multimedia options, along with a new form factor
which features an interactive touchpad, Impact is a first for both
Pantech and AT&T.”

 AT&T imposes: a
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray costs
incurred in complying with obligations and charges imposed by State and
Federal telecom regulations; State and Federal Universal Service
charges; and surcharges for government assessments on AT&T. These
fees are not taxes or government-required charges. 2 3G coverage is not available in all areas. Coverage not available in all areas. AT&T Promotion Card: Price before AT&T Promotion Card &
with 2 year contract is $149.99.  Allow 60 days for fulfillment.  Card
valid for 120 days wherever major credit cards accepted.  May be used
to pay wireless bill.  Not redeemable for cash and cannot be used at
ATMs or gas pumps.  Some restrictions and other charges apply.  See
terms at store or at  You must be customer for
30 consecutive days to receive Promotion Card.   Offer expires December
25, 2009. Limited-time offer. Other conditions
& restrictions apply. See contract & rate plan brochure for
details. Subscriber must live & have a mailing addr. within
AT&T’s owned wireless network coverage area.  Up to $36 activ. fee
applies.   Equipment price & avail may vary by mrk & may not be
available from independent retailers.  Early Termination Fee: None if
cancelled in the first 30 days, but up to $35 restocking fee may apply
to equipment returns; thereafter up to $175.  Some agents impose add’l
fees.  Offnet Usage:  If your mins of  data use on other carrier’s
networks (“offnet usage”) during any month  exceeds your offnet usage
allowance, AT&T may at its option terminate your svc, deny your
contd use of other carriers’ coverage, or change your plan to one
imposing usage charges for offnet usage.  Your data offnet usage
allowance is the lesser of 24 MB or 20% of the KB incl’d with your
plan). Sales tax calculated based on price of unactivated equipment. Standard data rates apply for AT&T Navigator.


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