iiyama’s multi-screen Touch T2250MTS-B

Multi Touch screens are becoming increasingly popular. So Dell has already shown a
model with Multi Touch feature on infrared basis (with sensors around the edges) so iiyama’s turn now.

In December, iiyama will release its first multi-touch LCD
panel. We are talking about the T2250MTSB1. The screen is able to simultaneously
recognize multiple fingerprints, thus making it possible to search with google
maps, rotate, zoom in and out, etc by using two fingers


The recommended screen for Windows 7, because the Touch stability.
Windows 7 is now optimized very nice work with it so makes it a Multi Touch LCD screen better,

Specifications at a
The screen is performed with D-sub (VGA) and DVI. The resolution is
1920×1080 with a 5ms response time and 1000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness is 270
candelas per m2 bit higher than normal. The screen is likely to touch the
potential to be used, but require an extra USB cable between the PC and the
screen. Price of the screen around 289 Euro. 



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