The Korean LG launches its W2220P

The Korean LG launches its W2220P 22 inch monitor

The Korean LG announced its screen W2220P several months ago
already. This new 22-inch monitor has since been pushed back and was eagerly
awaited by many consumers. It differs from competition in a crucial point, the
slab type is IPS, and therefore proposes angles of vision far more open, 178
degrees both horizontally or vertically. 16:10 format, it features a resolution
of 1680×1050 pixels. Its response time is correct, 5 milliseconds, a contrast
ratio has meanwhile announced at 1000:1 and brightness up to 300 cd / m².

The W2220P has video inputs HDMI, DVI and VGA. This screen has a foot that can
rotate 90 degrees. Consumption of new LG IPS panel is announced around forty
watts. He is certified TCO 5.0. The W2220P is announced by LG to 269 € in
Germany. It is already referenced below 250 €. We strongly hope that this screen
will land among us, the LCD using a slab non-TN are far too rare! Finally, note
that W2420P is expected (24-inch, 1920×1080 pixels), no further reference to
this at the moment, but fingers crossed …


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