Free Cisco SIO iPhone application will be available soon at the Apple iTunes Store.

Cisco today announced the availability of Cisco SIO To Go, an Apple iPhone application that puts the power of the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) in users’ hands, giving them real-time access to a wealth of actionable global security information no matter where they are. The Cisco SIO iPhone application enables users to personalize alerts to show only those security threats that could impact their network and provides added assurance that they are being protected by their Cisco security solution.

With its next-generation Borderless Networks Architecture, Cisco is helping individuals to reliably and seamlessly connect to the network from anywhere, using any device, with a high level of security. This freedom is changing the way information technology departments work, allowing for more automation and real-time data flow to ensure the integrity of the borderless network. The new Cisco SIO To Go iPhone application provides IT staff with an efficient way to receive alerts and respond to threats that can affect their operations.
Cisco SIO To Go iPhone Features

Powered by the Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service, the Cisco SIO To Go iPhone application informs, protects and enables users to respond in real time to alerts and threats to the network. The application delivers early warning intelligence, threat vulnerability and proven Cisco mitigation solutions to users’ iPhones as they occur. It also provides unique IP and URL address e-mail and Web reputation look-up powered by the Cisco IronPort® SenderBase Security Network and the Cisco SIO.

Alerts delivered include:

* Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Alerts
* Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Signatures
* Cisco Applied Mitigation Bulletins
* Cisco Threat Outbreak Alerts
* And many others

Supporting Quote:

* Marie Hattar, vice president, Network Systems Solutions Marketing, Cisco

"Enabling borderless networks is critical for today’s business success.  A key component of enabling individuals to connect to their business networks from anywhere is working to ensure that the network is protected regardless of the device used. Our new Cisco SIO To Go iPhone application is another important step in making this vision a reality. It improves the means by which IT departments are alerted to threats, and it provides added confidence and device flexibility as Cisco customers are shielded from these breaches."

About Cisco Security Intelligence Operations

* An advanced security infrastructure that provides threat identification, analysis and mitigation to continuously provide the highest level of security for Cisco customers. Cisco SIO comprises three components:
o Cisco SensorBase: The world’s largest threat-monitoring network that captures global threat telemetry data from an exhaustive footprint of Cisco devices and services. Sources for SensorBase include more than 700,000 globally deployed Cisco security devices; Cisco IntelliShield, a historical-threat database of 40,000 vulnerabilities and 3,300 IPS signatures; and more than 600 third-party threat-intelligence sources, which track more than 500 third-party data feeds and 100 security news feeds around the clock.
o Cisco Threat Operations Center: A global team of more than 500 security analysts around the world dedicated to threat research every day, all day, and automated systems that extract actionable intelligence.
o Dynamic Updates: Real-time updates automatically delivered to security devices, along with best-practice recommendations and other content dedicated to helping customers track threats, analyze intelligence and ultimately improve their organization’s overall security posture.

Pricing and Availability:

* The Cisco SIO iPhone application is free and will be available soon at the Apple iTunes Store.


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