Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server Launched

Leading music server manufacturer Olive Media Inc. today announced the
introduction of its first HD Hi-Fi Music Server for home stereo
systems. Creating the HD category for digitally recorded music, the
Olive 4HD matches recording engineers’ golden standard of 24-bit sound
and 192 kHz sample rate, offering listeners music at more than 250
times the resolution of CDs.

“Most digital music solutions
severely compromise the quality of the music experience,” said Dr.
Oliver Bergmann, founder and CEO of Olive. “Our new HD music server
delivers a new listening experience that allows music lovers to enjoy
the best of both worlds—the convenience of digital music management and
the quality of HD sound. This is the way music sounds as it is

Olive 4HD Silver

Easy to set up, configure and
navigate, the new Olive 4HD serves as a control center that can access
any digitized music library. A two terabyte hard drive stores up to
6,000 CDs, or 20,000 high resolution 24-bit tracks. Music can easily be
copied to the Olive 4HD via the built-in CD mechanism, or from a PC or
Mac through its wireless or wired network connection. The breathtaking
music reproduction is handled through Olive’s proprietary
high-resolution Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC), featuring Texas
Instrument’s best-of-breed 192khz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1792A.

Olive Opus is the world’s only high fidelity digital stereo that
combines the ease and accessibility of digital music through an
intuitive touchscreen menu with storage for up to 6000 CDs worth of
music – at full CD audio fidelity – in an elegantly designed unit the
size of a conventional CD player. Playback can also be expanded
throughout the home using the Melody Hi-Fi Multi-Room Player, which
connects to the Opus through a wireless or wired network and allows
music to be played in up to 10 rooms simultaneously.

enforces its commitment to HD by partnering with Grammy Award-winning
Chesky Records, producer of high-resolution audio recordings. Twelve
tracks from Chesky artists are included free with the Olive 4HD,
providing over an hour of audiophile-grade music.

“To achieve
the highest quality audio means recording at 24-bit,” said Chesky
Records founder David Chesky. “CDs cannot reproduce what we capture
from musicians during a recording session, and MP3 files degrade the
quality even further. But with the Olive 4HD it is now possible to
replicate the experience of that golden master recording at home, in
full 24-bit.”

As part of your home entertainment system the
Olive 4HD connects directly to a stereo receiver. Music libraries are
easy to navigate through the integrated touchscreen, or, using the
unit’s built-in HDMI interface, on a TV. Olive also offers a free
iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows users to control the HD Hi-Fi
Music Server from anywhere within the home network. Beyond standard
music information such as artist, album, track title and cover art, the
Olive delivers extended metadata, describing music more accurately and
tailored to its specific genre. This allows users to find the right
music, quickly.

The Olive 4HD can be integrated into a home
network with its Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n connection, which also
allows for direct download of music. Adding the Olive 2 Hi-Fi Player
allows users to access their music anywhere within their home.

Pricing and availability

The Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server is available in the US directly from Olive (http://www.olive.us;
1.877.296.5483): $1,999 (2TB). It includes 12 of Chesky Records’ best
HD tracks for free. Olive is available world-wide through a network of
authorized distributors.



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