OrthoView introduces Integrated Image Sharing Feature

Leading orthopaedic planning and templating software provider, OrthoView, has developed OV Image Share for fast, easy digital image sharing via the web.

OV Image Share will enable orthopaedic surgeons to transfer images and pre-operative plans to other locations and collaborators securely via the internet. It is an easy to use feature that is fully integrated with OrthoView’s planning and templating software.

OV Image Share is a simple and effective solution to the challenges of controlling the transfer of digital images and plans to suit the surgeon’s individual workflow requirements. "Our objective has been to enable our customers to share images and pre-operative plans between locations and users, without the need for additional hardware or software installation." said William W Peterson, Vice President Sales, North America. "OV Image Share permits the surgeon to transfer their images and templated plans easily to another location or person and, as it is fully integrated with the OrthoView planning software, it is also easy to start using it."

OV Image Share will enable surgeons, for example, to instantly send their preoperative plans to the OR, consulting room or clinic, from elsewhere in the hospital or from their home office. They can also exchange images and plans securely with other members of the team and collaborators. The recipient is notified by email of the transfer and just by logging on to OrthoView, the image or plan is immediately available to them in their in-basket, wherever and whenever they need it. "There are many workflow scenarios in which the surgeon and his team will save time and effort with OV Image Share." Explains Peterson.

OV Connect, another new feature launched recently by OrthoView, is available where a more tailored approach to image sharing is required, for example to enable communication with another PACS.

"For most of our customers OV Image Share will be all they need to be able to control who sees the images and where. It is a straightforward solution for improving workflow efficiency, especially as it is controlled from within the existing software." added Peterson. "We believe that together, OrthoView’s OV Image Share and OV Connect provide the best possible answer to our customers’ image sharing needs."


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