TouchStar Announces Release of CrudePac 3.0

TULSA, Okla. TouchStar, a Tulsa, OK based leading provider of mobile computing and field workforce automation, announced today the release of CrudePac 3.0, the latest version of its in-cab computing software designed for an array of wellsite services that seamlessly links with oil company or collection contractor accounting, planning and dispatch systems.

The CrudePac 3.0 release supports a real-time communications capability and a dynamic dispatch and scheduling functionality when integrated into TS Schedule, TouchStar’s enterprise scheduling application. This real-time interface provides tighter operational control, increased fleet productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

CrudePac 3.0 interfaces with most handheld devices which connect to high resolution printers, wireless communication and vehicle tracking systems. And by combining real-time communications with an electronic signature capture facility, this automated run ticket and field service system generates substantial time and cost savings. It eliminates manual and paper based administrative tasks and its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface enables drivers and service personnel to perform their jobs with much greater accuracy and in less time.

“We built CrudePac 3.0 with our customers in mind, using design and development principles that promote ease of use and an enhanced user experience,” said TouchStar’s Director of Applications Development, Brian Bernard. “The result is a feature rich, flexible application. The fact that it’s being deployed on over 2000 vehicles across five major North American wellsite service companies is a firm testament to that.”


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