COMMELL introduces 16-ch PCI Express DVR Card With D1 H.264 At 480fps

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc., the worldwide leader of PC-based DVR products manufacturer, introduced the new generation 16-channel video and audio capture PCI Express DVR Card SPX-602H. The board supports 16-channel D1 real-time recording with H.264 hardware encoder, and 16-channel real-time decoding and playback using a software decoder in PC. SPX-602H utilizes H.264 hardware compressions to decrease CPU loading from the intensive compression tasks, and supports video streaming to reach 480fps recording and remote video transmission.

SPX-602H RDK was designed with system integration in mind, and has a comprehensive function that eases integration into DVR system software and accelerates time-to-market. The function includes H.264 baseline profile, live mode D1 display, H.264 recording at 480fps, Quality control, frame rate control, VBR, CBR and Hybrid-VBR support (Offering VBR H.264 compression to save more HDD space for long time recording), watermark function, De-interlace, video loss check, bitmap OSD, motion detection, pre-filter type, network streaming, DirectDraw display mode. SPX-602H also supports COMMELL SCode DVR software that easily and quickly caters to DVR market demands.

SPX-602H includes 16 high quality NTSC/PAL video decoders that convert analog composites video signals to digital data, and contain 16 10-bit ADCs, proprietary clamp, gain controllers, 4H comb filters for separating luminance & chrominance to reduce cross noise artifacts.


  1. PCI Express Base Specification 1.1 and 2.0 compliant with RoHS.
  2. Accept all NTSC/ PAL standards.
  3. 16 channels of D1 H.264 at 480fps when Live View and Recording.
  4. 16 channels of Playback.
  5. Video Compression: H.264. I, P, PI frame supported
  6. 16 channels of audio input and G.721 ADPCM encode.
  7. De-interlacing for live view and playback.
  8. Adjustable Frame Rate & Resolution.
  9. Support Motion Detection, Noise filter, OSD, Watermarking.
  10. Support SPOT and CALL monitor.


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