AVADirect Launches Tesla HPC Personal Supercomputer

Today AVADirect, a leading custom computer manufacturer, announced the
release of its new 4U Tesla HPC Personal Supercomputer based on the
massively parallel CUDATM architecture. Offering up to a total of 1,920
streaming GPU cores, nearly 8 Teraflops of processing performance,
144GB of RAM and supporting dual XEON 5500 Quad Core Processors,
AVADirect is able to provide the power of a supercomputing cluster in a
design compact enough to fit on your desk.

"This is truly an exciting time for us. To be able to offer
computational power so unbelievably dense at 1/100th the price of a
full computing cluster is simply groundbreaking. With several of these
implemented at an institution can you imagine the amount of time and
money that will be saved? Researchers won’t have to fight for use of a
single multi-million dollar machine, no more out of control energy
costs, simpler IT maintenance, massive cost saving on hardware, etc.
This really has the potential to change the game", says Director of
Marketing and co-owner Misha Troshin. AVADirect provides its new fully
configurable HPC Personal Supercomputer under the server section of its



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