FunMail Now Available: Free iPhone App Allows Consumers to Visualize Any Tweet, Text and or Message

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now that descriptive power lies in the hands of iPhone, Twitter and Facebook users worldwide.

Starting today, users can instantly add relevant, real-time images to their any text message with FunMail, a free application available for download in the iTunes store, on Facebook, and for Twitter via the web at

Text in context: A word can make a thousand pictures Users type their text message as usual, and the FunMail "Media Brain" automatically presents cute, comical or irreverent images that relate to the message. These FunMail messages contain the user’s text artfully rendered into the image, creating a unique, eye-catching, and fun blend of communication and self-expression.

The Media Brain and The Semantic Media Project The Media Brain that powers FunMail’s advanced text analysis is an open system fueled by the Semantic Media Project. The Project ingests content in real time from Flickr and Creative Commons sources and encourages users and artists to contribute content and tuning directly via the FunMail website. The Media Brain is a learning system that tunes itself based on usage patterns and supports over 50 languages via Google Translate.

Every-day picture messages Despite 100 million MMS-enabled phones in use today, Multimedia (Picture) Messaging was never widely adopted the way SMS text messaging was in the United States. Simply put, MMS requires too much work for moment-to-moment communication. The camera is only useful when there’s a subject to be photographed. FunMail removes that requirement, making creating picture messages as easy as typing a text.

"FunMail enables anyone to instantly create vibrant, compelling visual messages," said FunMobility CEO Adam Lavine. "Whether it’s talking about fantasy football teams among friends on Sunday or flirting via text, FunMail enhances the way we communicate and bring text to life." The company is also in discussions with mobile carriers, web developers and device manufacturers to embed FunMail into existing platforms and, in turn, open up a new messaging revenue stream.

"FunMail addresses an opportunity for carriers to generate 10X in mobile messaging revenue through enhanced messaging capabilities," said Vikrant Gandhi, a mobile analyst with Frost and Sullivan.

Download FunMail 1.1 iPhone app


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