Windows Media Center 2005 to Support High Def TV

According to Microsoft represetatives at IDF last week, it’s very likely that the upcoming release of Windows Media Center 2005 will support high defination televison signals.

It was unwilling to comment officially, but was willing enough to provide us with an update to its release schedule. Refined from a general release of Q4 2004, a mid to late October launch is planned. Unlike the free update provided to Tablet PC users with Service Pack 2, it is still unclear if Microsoft will provide this upgrade free to current users of its Media Center product line.

The ATI HDTV Wonder should be added to supported hardware in this upcoming release. ATI could not comment on Microsoft’s planned features in unreleased products. This will however require ever larger hard drives to be shipped in Windows Media Center PCs that plan to support HDTV endoding.

News source: TheInquirer


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