New Catalyst needs 10MB Security Download

Frameworks 1.1 patch required

If you are using ATI Catalyst Control Center drivers you had better go on Windows update site and download the latest Frameworks 1.1 security patch.

ATI decided to take the risky step of innovation by trying to make their drivers unique but had to sacrifice many things.

News source: TheInquirer First is the “freaking” large size of drivers, some 41.5MBs to download and not to mention that Frameworks 1.1 itself is a 20MB download. In its defence, you have to download Frameworks only once, until the next version of course.

If that’s not enough downloading, you now have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 – an additional 10.2MBs. If you don’t, you won’t be safe.

The Catalyst Control Center is quite slow, compared to the old Catalyst interface and Nvidia drivers, it takes paint drying time to boot on a 3.2 GHz machine.

The Nvidia driver is still holding to 12MB, just 2MB larger then Framework service pack one. Isn’t this ironic? A Hefty 71+MB for the driver versus 12MB.


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