Intel proposes Overlaying to improve Networks

World leading microchip developer Intel says the Internet needs a radical overhaul to make itself more powerful.Intel’s chief technology officer, Pat Gelsinger, notes that growing demand for access and bandwidth and increasing network programs make the Internet less secure and unreliable and to build a new network layer on top of the existing Internet infrastructure could address this problem, China Radio International reported Sunday.

The network overlay, constructed from new software and hardware, would be more intelligent than today’s Internet routers and protocols, because it could allow the Internet to detect and warn of worm attacks and dynamically re-route network traffic to avoid delays and improve video webcasting.

News source: Xinhuanet
In June 2003, Intel and Hewlett Packard jointly developed an experimental global overlay network called PlanetLab, which consists of thousands of computers based at 60 different universities and research institutions around the globe.


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