Sorrento Networks Extends Performance Monitoring Capabilities of Its WDM Management Software

Sorrento Networks, a global provider of metro optical access
solutions, is making it easier for service providers to monitor the
health of their optical networks with a new version of its GigaMux 3200
management software.

The updated software, which is used to manage Sorrento’s GigaMux 3200
and 1600 wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems, includes a
comprehensive performance monitoring package for faster and more
precise detection of optical network errors. Also new with software
version 7.4.12 is a more robust reporting tool that gives customers
more flexibility and presentation options for their error reporting.

"Service-oriented networking requires controlling the performance of
the optical networking and understanding errors at a detailed level so
they can be quickly corrected and prevented," said Jim Nevelle, CEO of
Sorrento Networks. "Our updated software gives GigaMux 3200 and 1600
customers even more insight into the functioning of their optical
networks so they can accomplish these tasks with greater ease of use."

Sorrento’s updated software improves the ability of service providers
to actively monitor optical networks to help in the detection and
prevention of network errors. It conducts per-wavelength optical-layer
performance monitoring and delivers detailed insight into device
utilization and errors, as well as the fault management of the network.

About the GigaMux 3200/1600 Optical Platform
The GigaMux 3200/1600 platform is designed to free carriers from
restrictive transport technologies and provide system flexibility to
accommodate changing end-user demands. A protocol-independent design
allows the GigaMux 3200 and 1600 systems to transport and extend the
traffic of SONET/SDH, layer 2/3 Ethernet, and SANs simultaneously and
in their native format. By supporting each traffic type natively, the
network can grow and evolve based on traffic requirements.


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