QStar and Panasonic New Advanced Disc for Archive Using Blu-ray Cartridge Media

QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in archiving, data protection
and compliance solutions, announced that it is the first
independent software vendor to support Panasonic’s ADA (Advanced Disc
for Archive) Blu-ray storage technology, having completed technical
certification with its HSM archival storage software platform. Designed
specifically for the professional storage market, ADA is the first
Blu-ray media enclosed in a protective cartridge, enabling much greater
data integrity and more secure offline media management than bare
media. While ADA technology is applicable to digital archives across a
wide range of industries, QStar, Panasonic and Rorke Data have created
a network-attached DICOM Store appliance to focus on major OEMs in the
medical PACS and imaging market. The 50GB storage capacity, fast random
data access and robust protective cartridge make ADA ideally suited for
the needs of a PACS environment. QStar Healthcare, a division of QStar
Technologies, will be demonstrating the new joint ADA storage solution
for the first time at its stand at the RSNA show and conference in
Chicago on Nov 29th to Dec 4th (Hall B, Booth 9032 www.rsna.org).

sophisticated multi-level archive management with advanced mirroring
options, QStar’s HSM archive software controls the storage location and
retention periods of archive records throughout their life cycle. The
Panasonic ADA technology plays a critical role in the archive process
by providing a very secure and long-life WORM (Write Once Read Many) or
rewritable storage media for the cost-effective retention of digital
assets. The new ADA cartridge format is a major differentiator from the
traditional bare Blu-ray media offered by competitors as it
significantly enhances the security and media handling within medical
facilities and data centers.

“QStar is very pleased to be
selected as the first software vendor to provide support for the
Panasonic ADA technology,” commented Riccardo Finotti, CEO at QStar.
“We are focusing our initial efforts on the CT (Computerized
Tomography) market because we see strong interest from medical imaging
vendors for the ADA technology. Blu-ray media in a protective cartridge
is an excellent fit for capturing images from a range of medical
modalities and our joint network-attached appliance has been designed
for simple integration into a PACS workflow environment.”

was designed for professional archiving and we selected QStar as a
strategic software provider for its value-added solutions. The company
has world-class archive technology and strategic relationships that
complement the strengths of ADA,” explained Robin Sweeten, group
manager for strategic marketing at Panasonic Industrial Company. “ADA
enhances QStar’s data retention and offline management capabilities
with WORM recording for record authenticity and robust offline media
handling. The combined solution from Panasonic and QStar provides a
strong foundation for compliance with industry regulations governing
data preservation and delivers a very flexible and affordable archive
solution. ”


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