“5 Employee Holiday Gift Mistakes” ebook helps employers avoid holiday gift-giving blunders

It’s that time of year again, the season when magnanimous employers hand out
gifts and employees struggle to look happy to receive yet another ham, fruit
basket or gift card. But employers hoping to make a lasting impression this year
needn’t do it by giving the worst gift ever, thanks to a free e-book by employee
motivation, rewards and incentives expert Mark S. Repkin.

Available for free download from The Certif-A-Gift Company, "5 Employee Holiday Gift
Mistakes — The New Rules of Giving" (http://certif-a-gift.com/5mistakes) details the worst mistakes
employers make when giving gifts to their employees, examines why so many
well-intentioned gifts fall flat, and offers solutions for making the holidays
memorable for all the right reasons this year. Repkin, vice-president of The
Certif-A-Gift Company
(http://www.certif-a-gift.com) and an Incentive Research
Foundation trustee, delivers solid advice in a quick read that is both
entertaining and enlightening.

So just what are those five holiday gift mistakes? Doing nothing, which is
the holiday gifting style of many employers but which wastes the perfect
opportunity to boost employee morale; wasting time trying to decide what to
give, which often leads to missing the gift-giving occasion altogether;
achieving little memory value by giving generic gifts that do not take the
recipient’s tastes into consideration; including the price tag; and giving
one-size-fits-all gifts.

That last one, in particular, can be a pitfall for well-meaning companies:
One size, contends Repkin, never really fits all. "In their efforts to motivate
employees, companies often fall short — and misspend resources — by offering
one-size-fits-all incentive programs," Repkin explained. "When it comes to
holiday gift giving, companies would do better to align rewards with each
employee’s unique set of preferences and tastes. By giving their employees the
power of choice, managers can maximize individual and company-wide

The Certif-A-Gift Company offers employers a simple way to do just that.
Companies choose their per-gift budget, add a personal message to employees, and
Certif-A-Gift does the rest. Employees are presented with an attractive booklet
or branded Web site offering 100s of Brand-Name gift options within each
spending level; no dollar amounts are shown. Gifts are shipped directly to the

"There is no longer a reason to commit any of the five gift giving gaffes,"
Repkin stated. "Certif-A-Gift gives employers the opportunity to make this
holiday season memorable for all the right reasons."


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