Ballistic Gaming PC – Core i7 Gaming Rig

There is a new player in the custom gaming PC market space boasting the
quality and performance of a boutique builder while offering the most
affordable gaming computers
on the market. Ballistic Gaming PC is officially opening its doors
Wednesday November 25, 2009 and as part of their launch Ballistic has
partnered with and to giveaway two
Ballistic high-performance gaming computers starting today which will
include Intel’s i7-920 processor and NVIDIA’s top video card the GTX 295.


have less disposable income in this current economic climate and so
Ballistic offers the best possible deal to make sure their customers
are always getting the lowest price. However, Ballistic does the
unfathomable by, in addition, offering a 3 year parts & labor
warranty with home-grown US based lifetime tech support. Ballistic has
taken this simple philosophy and interwoven it into every aspect of its

In today’s bear economy the idea of opening another ultra high-end, ultra expensive boutique gaming computer
company was not very appealing, but the idea of running any company
without the quality and service of a boutique vendor seemed downright
wrong to Ballistic’s founder Paul Singh.

Ballistic Gaming PC
got its humble start building gaming and high-performance computers for
other companies as a contract manufacture. Over the next 10 years
Ballistic’s reputation for quality became better known and the number
of customers requesting their services increased dramatically. However,
rather than stay in simply the business to business market Ballistic
made the decision to bring its expertise to the consumer market.

customer service and low prices are all important factors to a
business, but quality is the lynch pin that ties a business to the
wings of success. Ballistic has had 10 years to perfect its 72 hour
testing method and it is unlike those at any other boutique vendor not
to mention competitors with equivalent pricing; Ballistic utilizes
real-in-game testing to make sure that the consumer is receiving a
gaming PC that truly provides them with the most immersive experience
possible. This includes frame rate monitoring, artifact testing, 24
hour burn-in testing – all of it to ensure the highest quality product
for the consumer. Ballistic also carries only the highest quality
components because it does not want its customers to suffer through computer
issues two years after purchase. "We refuse to carry sub-par components
and hardware, it’s useless and expensive to us in the final evaluation
and annoying to the consumer who is entrusting us with the
responsibility of ferreting out bunk products from their computer. We
take that responsibility seriously," says Singh.

All of these
advantages are wrapped in an incredibly affordable package. Ballistic
Gaming PC is a company built around the understanding of the current
economy and is offering what a lot of gamers have been asking for a
long time; a company that has affordability while maintaining the
highest quality and performance. And though these seem to be two
opposing ideas that shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence
Ballistic Gaming PC and its founder Paul Singh have done exactly that.


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