Ampere Software offers technology solution for Independent Software Vendors

Ampere Software, An innovative application software product development company offers technology solutions for ISVs by building and selling software product designed for mass marketing or for niche market place. Such markets may be assorted including software such as mobile application development, EMR software development, healthcare software development, i-phone application development etc.

In the today’s marketplace Ampere Software provide the following Services to its ISVs clients:
• Design and development of Software Product and interrelate it to website
• Content Writing for software Product Manuals
• Product Licensing Consulting and Programming
• Anti-Piracy Consulting and Programming
• Software Demo, Shareware , Shrink Wrap Management
• Professional Software Product Setup design and programming

“Independent Software Vendors are continuously under challenge to distribute their products to market first, enhancement their development teams, re-balance their development priorities in order to speed up revenue generation, lower total cost of possession and increase shareholder value” said Nitin Chauhan, CEO Ampere Software.

For ISVs customer, Ampere Software capable to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, expand up to 10x development efficiency, production, and software quality, and decrease their cost of development.


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