Pay per Second plans for US to India calls on Airtel

First to offer Pay per Second plans for the US to India calling card market

Airtel CallHome has
announced the launch of the Pay per Second plan for US to India
calling. With this, Bharti Airtel becomes the first to offer Pay per
Second plans for the US to India Calling Card market. The $6.99 plan
comes with an administration fee of $0.49, offering customers a tariff
of just 0.03 cents/sec on the balance $6.50. The plan comes with a
validity of 30 days.

The launch is in line with Airtel
CallHome’s strategy of offering Best Value for US to India calling via
innovative, breakthrough propositions such as "India One – One Cent
Calling Plan to India" and "Mharo Plan – Offering Best Value for
calling to Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Rajasthan from the US".

in a new paradigm in calling tariffs vis-à-vis conventional plans, this
initiative empowers customers to pay only for the duration they talk.
Providing enhanced value for money, the plan will enable families in
the US to stay in touch with their loved ones in India, at the best
available market tariffs for calls between the US and India.


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