The New York Times Announces Special Times Reader Offer with Samsung Go™ Netbook

The New York Times announced today a special offer for new subscribers to Times Reader 2.0: order a one-year subscription to Times Reader 2.0 and receive a $100 discount toward the purchase of a Samsung Go; netbook.

"Times Reader is an exceptional way for a growing segment of our audience to read The New York Times," said Yasmin Namini, senior vice president, marketing and circulation, The New York Times. "Offering Times Reader with the Samsung Go makes it possible to enjoy our next generation news reader application on a sleek, premium netbook. This is a great value for consumers, especially with the holiday season approaching." This Samsung Go Special Edition will be pre-installed with Times Reader 2.0 and this promotional offer is available exclusively through J&R Music and Computer World. To purchase a one-year subscription to Times Reader 2.0 for $179.40 and redeem the $100 off Samsung Go netbook, visit

This offer is available through March 2010 and is only available to new subscribers to Times Reader.

Times Reader 2.0, powered by Adobe Air, is the digital news reader application from The New York Times that blends the best of the print and Web and has online and offline reading capabilities.

Key features of Times Reader 2.0: Parallels printed news with columns of high-quality text, combined with the dynamic flexibility of the Web, including search, links and up-to-the minute headlines.

Downloads the Latest News section every five minutes from Users can customize how often the Latest News is updated.

Online/offline reading capabilities, allowing readers to sync content via internet connection and then read 7 days worth of content offline.

Integrates interactive version of The New York Times premium crossword puzzle.

The Samsung Go, weighing just 2.8 lbs., is a portable powerhouse that can easily be stored in a briefcase or travel bag. The Go’s Jet Black color and slim, soft texture design with rounded edges makes a statement and stands out from the crowd, designed by acclaimed designer Naoto Fukasawa. The pebble-style keyboard makes typing comfortable with larger than average spacing. The brilliant LED-backlit, borderless glass display is scratch resistant and provides users with photo-like image quality, greater viewing angles and better text legibility, reducing eye strain and boosting productivity.

Equipped with a standard 4-cell battery, users can stay connected for up to 4 hours on a single battery charge and the built-in Intel Atom processor delivers the power and performance needed for full Internet capabilities anytime, anywhere.

Download an image of the Times Reader on the Samsung Go Special Edition:


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