Dead Space 2 soon in Market

Rumors about a possible consequence of Dead Space intensifying day by day, rumors that could well be completed by December 22 next.

Firstly, Dead Space 2 report was done through the page Linked In an employee of Visceral Games saying work on the sequel to the very good Dead Space. The complainant has recanted a few hours later amending the passage to him, but observers were particularly attentive already been there.

It was a double confirmation, in addition to confirming the game’s development it has also revealed the presence of multi-player modes. A new index has recently come to mingle with the story that should undoubtedly find a positive outcome. Given the cultural and commercial success of Dead Space, Electronic Arts would be wrong to deny such a license.

The latest issue of PlayStation Magazine English presents indeed an artwork for Dead Space slightly modified. It aims to illustrate a non-formalized to date. Difficult not to the relationship between the two. A final rumor appeared on the canvas this time announcing the formalization of the title for December 22, 2009. This makes a lot of rumors for one and the same game.



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