Google apologizes for displaying racist image of Michelle Obama

Google acknowledges that its search algorithms can cause the image display racist but so far refuses to engage in censorship.

Google has faced a new controversy after its research has shown pictures of a racist image of the wife of President of the United States representative in the guise of a monkey. Rather shocking that such an image appears on top of the list of results, especially following a simple query on Michelle Obama. The Mountain View company has apologized, blaming its search algorithms.

The team said to be regularly solicited by organizations or individuals who for one reason or another, want to see disappear from Google’s index of search results. "Although Google reserves the right to address such requests on a case by case, we attach great importance to the integrity of our search results. For this reason, we will not remove a page from our search results simply because its content was evil or because it provokes complaints. In contrast, Google said without hesitation remove pages that violate its Webmaster Guidelines and respond positively to requests that are motivated by a breach of the law.

In other words, Google removes the assembling Michelle Obama monkey would require the illegality of the latter is found and served by a competent authority. Entrenched behind a neutral position, the engine refuses to pay him the same question. A position that defends Google for several years now. It will be recalled for example that he had opted for a similar response when disgruntled demanded the withdrawal of the clip of Sale Pute Orelsan.

In his explanation, Google takes the example of a query for the word Jew, Jew, namely English. Google Images in its world, this motion causes the display of anti-Semitic images. According to Google, it is that the word Jew is frequently used in antisemitic context, unlike its equivalent as Jewish.

Michelle Obama is not the only victim. The motion Jew (a Jew) also returns results that could offend some sensibilities, beginning with the catch that feel like the anti-Semitism. Here, let Google results, but with a link, taking the form of an AdSense ad, leading to an explanation page. The engine will indicate that the word Jew is often used in antisemitic context and calls for more use Jewish.

The Google Suggest tool, which offers the user a selection of queries based on the characters begins to enter, also raised the question of "neutrality" advocated by Google. The engine has also been sentenced in France to remove this tool a proposal that combined the company name Direct Energy to the term "scam".

"The listing of a site in Google search results relies heavily on computer algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate the relevance of a page from a given query. Sometimes subtleties of language are cause anomalies that can not be predicted " 

"We apologize if you have experienced an unpleasant experience using Google. We hope you understand our position, "says the Google team. As a search engine, freed from the responsibilities incumbent upon publishers and hosts websites, hard for Google not to hide behind this technological neutrality. At the risk, sometimes shocking. Said by Google


However, Google is not willing to make room by removing the images in question as those who insult Michelle Obama: "We will not remove a page from our search results simply because its content is unpopular or because we receive claims about it. " Google ensures that such measures are taken against the offense if Webmaster Guidelines or under the law. Michelle Obama Will she take the matter to court?

Google therefore refuses to endorse the role of censor, except under duress. An ultimately more comfortable position that allows it to confine its role to search, without intervention of an editorial nature. Google is not responsible for content transmitted over the Internet.


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