NovaStor Certifies HP VLS9000 for NovaBACKUP DataCenter

Data protection specialist NovaStor successfully certified the virtual library HP StorageWorks VLS 9000 with their enterprise data protection software NovaBACKUP DataCenter.

The certification took place on the heels of a request by a Fortune 500 customer that both Hewlett Packard and NovaStor share a business relationship with. All tests necessary were conducted in a HP lab with the support of an HP team. The certification of the HP StorageWorks VLS 9000 demonstrates the flexibility of NovaBACKUP DataCenter (formerly known as HiBack) and expands NovaStor’s support and reach in the enterprise data backup space. The certification also applies to the new version 3.5 of NovaBACKUP DataCenter that NovaStor will launch soon.

NovaBACKUP DataCenter allows medium-sized companies as well as large-size international enterprises to protect important business data at a reliable fixed budget. NovaStor offers a universal price model based on cost per server which covers all supported operating systems, modules and agents.

NovaBACKUP DataCenter – Enterprise Data Protection by NovaStor

NovaBACKUP DataCenter has a proven and long track record with large international corporations. High performance, low operating costs, superior reliability and tolerance for user errors make NovaBACKUP DataCenter one of the leading systems for platform neutral data backup in flexible IT environments.

"NovaStor is breaking new ground in the enterprise data protection market with a disruptive and revolutionary licensing model which provides down-to-earth support answering today’s business needs”, says Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor. „We work closely in cooperation with our customers and their demands in the development of NovaBACKUP DataCenter. This allows us to continually introduce innovative, leading-edge technologies.“


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