R&M unveils new cabling solutions for high-speed data networks

Presents its newly developed Cat. 6A module to the industry, catalyzing opening up of new dimensions in copper cabling

The Swiss cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) today unveiled the new cabling solutions for high-speed data networks in Bangalore today. Mr Martin Reichle, CEO, R&M and Mr Laurent Amestoy, President – APAC, R&M unveiled the latest R&M Cat 6A Module in a product launch event held in Bangalore, India. The Swiss cabling specialist showcased how broadband infrastructures can be efficiently set up today for computing centers and city networks, as well as office and residential buildings.

R&M had selected Bangalore in India as the venue for presenting its newly developed Cat. 6A module to the industry. Cat. 6A, with the A written as a subscript in accordance with the future ISO/IEC standard, is a key for opening up new dimensions in copper cabling. Cat. 6A module are used in the kind of high-performance data networks found in computing centers and in commercial and administrative buildings.

With the advent of 10Gigabit Ethernet over copper twisted pair cabling, new classes of cabling standards were introduced. EIA/TIA released the Cat. 6A standard in February 2008 and ISO/IEC the Class EA channel standard in the same timeframe. Unfortunately, these two standards do not define the same performance, leading to confusion in the market. This confusion is compounded when looking at the components, especially the connecting hardware. EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC specify different performance for the modules, but the component naming is very similar. Therefore special care must be taken or else users will not obtain the performance they expect.

"R&M is focused on achieving higher earnings and revenue growth rate, and delivering increased value to our shareholders," said Martin Reichle, CEO at R&M. "At R&M, innovation is the key word. We will continue to build on our core competitive advantage of market-driven scientific innovation and our strong position in targeted global growth markets, carefully prioritized investments and industry-leading productivity."

ISO/IEC Class EA offers the highest performance available using RJ45 technology. In practice, this higher performance translates to higher operational reliability which minimizes errors. In addition, the life of the cabling infrastructure is maximized. Today, a Class EA channel is the highest performance channel available based on the prevalent RJ45 technology. It not only ensures support for the 10 Gigabit Ethernet application, but it also extends the life of the cabling and ensures higher operational reliability. For these reasons, R&M recommends installing a Class EA channel in new installations.

If interoperability is a requirement, then it is important to choose Cat. 6A connecting hardware. Cat. 6A modules simply cannot guarantee the higher Class EA performance. Although the Cat. 6A component standards are taking longer, it will be worth the wait for the added performance the cabling system will achieve, which will translate to less headaches for the user.

"R&M has been able to make impressive inroads in India market, replicating its growth in the APAC region. We have moved in to the top five vendors within last two years," added Laurent Amestoy, President – APAC at R&M. "By delivering on the commitments we made at the start of 2009, R&M is meeting the economic recovery as a stronger, faster and more agile global competitor. We are well-positioned to outperform the rate at which markets recover and improve."


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