Bangalore to Play Host to India Game Developer Summit 2010

Inspire, Connect, Educate — Be the Center of Attention at India’s Gaming Epicenter

As the economy veers itself out of a cul de sac, the demand for entertainment and games are on an upswing. Low on entry barrier and high on creativity, the gaming industry presents a huge opportunity for India’s software developers. Gamers, online publishers, telecoms, PC and console manufacturers, Internet cafe owners, all with a vested interest in growing the market, are helping nurture a rich games culture in India. The highly individualistic nature of the Indian Software Developer, coupled with their tolerance for divergent personalities make them a natural fit into the Game Development culture. With the mission to build a robust community, advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers, Saltmarch Media, producers of the blockbuster Great Indian Developer Summit, has announced the first and independent annual India Game Developer Summit to be held 27 February 2010 in Bangalore. To register and for more information visit:

The first of its kind in India, Saltmarch Media’s India Game Developer Summit (IGDS) 2010 will provide a high quality summit experience where the most intelligent minds and proactive gaming organisations converge to create a high-quality learning experience. Hosted in an intimate setting, the summit offers its participants professional development and educational programs, the best food and comforts and ample networking opportunities to foster informal interaction among the game developer community in India.

Tracks at India Game Developer Summit

  • Game Business or Management: The gestation for a typical game title today is around 24 months with production budgets of over $5-10 million. The game industry is under increasing pressure to reduce development time and the cost of production. This is reason enough for major publishers and studios to look at outsourcing development. India offers a significant cost advantage in animation and game development, as compared to other outsourcing destinations such as Taiwan and South Korea with its excellent repertoire of world-class developers. Add to this, a number of Indian companies are changing their business model and are moving from an outsourcing to a co-production model. Come to the Game Business/Mgmt track at IGDS 2010 to learn and seek opportunities in outsourcing, co-production, export of Indian Games, localization of overseas games, and much more.
  • Online Gaming: The adoption of online games in India is inevitable as gamers, online publishers, telecoms, Internet cafe owners, and PC hardware manufacturers, all with a vested interest in growing the market, help nurture a games culture. Companies are developing online games across a variety of platforms including Java, BREW, I-Mode, Flash Lite and Symbian by leveraging different types of programming such as 3D Graphics Programming, Real-time Motion simulation and 2D/3D Math Algorithms. Akin to the software industry boom, the scope for India’s online game developers is on the upswing. The Online Gaming track at IGDS 2010 will not only demystify this very complex process, but also help you choose the right combination of programming and creative effort to succeed in online game development.
  • Mobile Gaming: Games have transcended their fundamental role of entertainment and graduated into influential branding tools. The handiness and portability of mobile games have made them a rage, especially with the youth. A rising star in India’s fast growing mobile business, Mobile Gaming is the key element in operator’s and content developer’s strategies to develop new, high value revenue streams, beyond basic voice services and simple text messaging. Mobile games have evolved from being a simple pastime to becoming multi-dimensional, competitive gaming with cutting-edge technology. Come to the Mobile Gaming track at IGDS 2010, to stay on top of development in this fast changing, multi-platform, mega-user environment. Learn best practices and secrets from Game Developers in the US on how to design and develop visually attractive and strikingly creative mobile games that are oriented towards establishing a good rapport between your brand and your target audience.
  • Audio in Gaming: User experience in a game is driven by the user’s emotional response to the input received from the game. As much as any other aspect of game development, audio is important. China game industry experienced rapid growth during past ten years. Game music is an area has not yet received adequate attention while its importance becomes more evident. At this moment, audio development becomes the weak link in game development, lagging behind US and Japan markets. The Audio Track is not just background music. It is a vitally important part to create the sense of immersion in the game and is the key to reaching out to users and inviting them to join the game’s world. Audio, for game developers, is a unique fusion of craft and technology. More than music, the audio track covers the development process for game designers who want to understand complex sound composition strategy in their work.
  • Gaming Careers: A key factor restricting the growth of animation and gaming in India is the scarcity of skilled professionals. Come to the Careers in Gaming Track at IGDS 2010 to learn about facets such as What type of education you need to land that job? What type of portfolio you should put together? How do you make contacts and network from the Global Game Development community? What are standard hiring practices? You will also hear the various Gaming companies on the plans and methods they are adopting to attract and motivate individual talents, as well as strategies employed in game development and /or operation studios.

India Game Developer Summit 2010, through its diverse tracks, focuses on covering industry leading methodologies in game development, design, production, programming, visual arts and writing. If gaming is in your grain, then IGDS is for you.

Quick Facts about India Game Developer Summit 2010

  • 60+ focused sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, power panels and workshops
  • The Best Speaker Lineup: Over 20 acclaimed speakers, visionaries, standard setters, and luminaries are expected from the gaming industry worldwide
  • 1000+ Unique Qualified Attendees across the day of the summit
  • Game Developer Expo featuring floor space for over 30 vendors
  • Attendee Profile: Game Developers, Game Programmers, Game Designers, Team Leaders, Studio Heads, Game Producers, Technical Artists, Visual Artists, Rendering Engineers, Game Writers, Sound Directors, Composers, Audio Producers, Game Enthusiasts, Game Business Development Managers and Students/Academia.
  • Important dates:
    • CfP for vendor-neutral Presentations close 12 December 2010
    • Delegate Early Bird Registrations end 26 December 2009
    • Sponsorship Early Bird Sign-ups end 24 December 2009
  • Summit website:

For further information on IGDS 2010 and to sign up, please visit the summit on the web


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