Germany to partner with India to increase prowess in Plasma technology

Baltic Net in India will collaborate with TERI University, IIT etc. BalticNet-PlasmaTec is a network supporting the development of plasma based technology within the Baltic Sea Region. Cooperation between universities, industries, SME, public institutions, users and other important actors within the plasma technology area is fostered.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research today announced that it would join forces with India to provide financial aid to the plasma-technology-oriented network BalticNet-PlasmaTec (BNPT).

The BalticNet-PlasmaTec is an international technology and market-oriented cooperation of science, research and economics in the field of plasma technology and adjacent disciplines. Within the framework of this activity the strengths of Germany in the field of research and development will be marketed internationally together with academic and non-academic science and research institutions, R&D networks and research-intense enterprises.

"The network has collaboratively set the aim in this project to increase the perception of the German plasma technology in India. The underlying theme being that the international competitive ability of Germany be increased by the development of new markets," said Alexander Schwock
"The focus of the initiative is to establish contact with companies and universities working in the area of metal processing, medical technology and environmental protection", he added.
BalticNet-PlasmaTec, as part of the initiatives has been and continues to organise several activities in India. The network facilitates cooperation between the academic world, public organisations, private companies and individuals. Most recent events include representatives of the network visiting Indian facilities like the TERI University, Indian Institute of Technology, German Research Foundation – DFG and the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research.

The interest of the participating institutions ranges from the project-related cooperation up to the acquisition of joint venture partner. But also the cooperation with Indian research facilities is from large interest particularly for the adjustment of the technologies in consideration of the local peculiarities.

In order to initiate and also strengthen this cooperation, BalticNet-PlasmaTec is looking for Indian joint-venture partners that can help adapt the technology to the needs of the Indian market and cooperate on education initiatives.

In keeping with this, Pune and Ahmedabad will see two thematic workshops on plasma technology and the applications in Germany and India in March 2010.


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