Sharp Green Week

Sharp UK launches from monday 23 its own ’Green Week’ to help engage staff
in the company’s green practises and encourage them to take up more
green practises of their own.

Caring for the environment and helping to reduce global warming is
at the heart of Sharp Corporation’s “Super Green Strategy”, including
its energy saving and energy creating products, super green factories
and recycling technologies.

During a week-long programme of activities at its offices in
Stockley Park, Sharp UK will be finding out more about global warming
and the company’s policy efforts to help combat it; energy saving and
recycling, based on its Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Regulations compliance; greener travel; and environmental impact
of transporation choices.

Presentations from the Energy Saving Trust, the Recycling Electrical
Producers Industry Consortium (REPIC) and on Smart Meters will take
place, and a simulator will be available to offer the experience of
driving an eco car. A quiz will also give employees the chance to win a
bike – helping them reduce their carbon footprint by travelling on two
wheels instead of four.


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