A-DATA Introduces Industry Fastest CF633X Memory Card

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in DRAM memory and
Flash application products, released today its new compact Flash card
CF633X, the ultimate memory card fast enough to keep up with your
digital SLR cameras. Performing at the industry’s fastest read/write
speed up to 93/92 MB/s, the new A-DATA CF633X adopts the turboMLC
technology and delivers the performance of SLC at the cost of MLC.

an ECC automatic error-checking program in place, the CF633X consumes
less power and extends the use of a DSLR. Capacity available in 16GB
and 32GB, the CF633X is the perfect storage device for users to store
more high resolution images and high definition video clips.

power consumption and RoHS compliant, the CF633X extends the average
lifespan of a CF card by utilizing interleaves technology. With which,
bad blocks in the flash are pre-labeled and closed for data entry to
prevent data-loss.

UDMA 6 enabled, the new A-DATA CF633X
supports quad channel and performs up to 93 MB/s in read and 92MB/s in
write. Backed by rigorous stress-testing procedures and a product life
time warranty, this is indeed a perfect match for your advanced DSLR.

Specs & Features
633X Turbo speed performance with read speed at 93MB/sec, write speed at 92MB/sec.
Quad-channel support (Ultra DMA mode 0~6 , IDE PIO mode 6, MDMA 0~4)
Low power consumption and RoHS compliant
Dimension: 42.8×36.4×33.0mm(1.69×1.43×1.3inch)(LxWxD)
Weight: 11.4g(0.40oz)
Capacity:16GB, 32GB
Operating Temperature: 0° to 70° C (32° to 158° F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 85° C (-4° F to 185° F)


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