Two Worlds II official release in spring 2010

TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump do know that Two Worlds II will be released during the next spring for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.
This is the result of role-playing game based on the open world that
was released in May 2007. Developer Reality Pump has made for a Two
Worlds II new graphics engine.

"Two Worlds II" starts where other RPGs have to stop… You can see one good example of the painstaking detail that Reality Pump is injecting into the second part of this RPG universe in the current issue of the Antaloor Post, the game’s official Info Magazine. If a player learns the relevant skill, he will be able to strip down almost every item to its basic elements, like, for example steel, wood, leather or fabrics. These elements can be used in turn to upgrade other items. Artistic-minded players can even buy paints and individually design their own armor and weapons! The technical foundation behind this feature is the newly created ‘CRAFT’ tool.
You’ll find more fascinating info about this in 6th issue of the Antaloor Post – and other topics include the new GRACE engine, interesting fan questions and the storm-lashed coastal region in Northern Antaloor. 

The story of "Two Worlds II" is staged a couple of years after Part 1 – and it will lead you into hitherto unexplored parts of Eastern Antaloor where you’ll find many brand-new locations packed full of atmosphere – from dusty deserts to awe-inspiring temples.
Alexandra Constandache, the Executive Producer of TWII commented, "We intentionally opted for a completely independent game with radical new technology. This was the only way to ensure that we harness the enormous potential and experience gained from the making of the first "Two Worlds" project – and make full use of the further technical development of internal Reality Pump tools that has been on-going since the first "Two Worlds" was developed. This new release window gives us enough time to systematically

Two Worlds 2 – Video Trailer




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