Official Enkompass Windows Web Hosting by HostDime

(PRWEB) HostDime, a leading managed web hosting services
provider, announced today its new Enkompass hosting packages for
Windows 2008 servers. The new Enkompass Windows hosting control panel
provides a similar look and feel as cPanel’s existing Linux hosting
control panel, making it easier for customers to migrate to the new


"cPanel has been working on this release for over 3+ years and we are proud to be the first managed web hosting
company to launch Windows 2008 hosting plans with Enkompass and welcome
new customers to host with us," said Manny Vivar, CEO of HostDime. "We
are always looking for ways to offer innovative tools and technologies
to our customers. New and existing customers will appreciate our
attention to implementing the latest technologies to help them succeed

HostDime is one of cPanel’s largest customers in
terms of volume licensing and has been working closely with the cPanel
team to develop features and functionality customers can use in a
Windows hosting environment. Customers familiar with cPanel will be
able to quickly start using the Enkompass Windows hosting control panel
as the interface looks almost identical to the Linux version cPanel.

"Many existing Linux Hosting clients have expressed interest in offering Windows hosting
for their use and to their clients. However, they have always been
hesitant about
pursuing Windows hosting since they were not familiar with pre-existing
Windows based control panels," said Vivar. "With their familiarity of
cPanel, customers can easily move to HostDime’s Windows hosting
services without having to learn a new interface."

cPanel’s new control panel Enkompass is designed specifically for Windows server 2008 and utilizes Microsoft IIS7. With Enkompass Windows hosting
control panel, customers can run multiple technologies on the same box.
Multiple technologies include ASP, .NET, PHP, PERL, FLASH, MSSQL, and
Silverlight. Customers no longer have to run multiple boxes to support
all the technologies and programming languages they use every day.

"Customers will be able to utilize more
programming languages than previously offered – all through the new
Enkompass control panel," said Vivar. "Web developers want the ability
to utilize all programming languages on one hosting platform that
supports all the latest technologies. HostDime offers that support with
our new Enkompass Windows web hosting services."

HostDime is offering free cPanel Enkompass trial
accounts until January 1, 2010. New and existing HostDime customers are
encouraged to sign up to experience the latest in Windows hosting
control panel software and test the various programming languages
supported by Windows 2008.


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